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British Tamil Conservatives thank British PM on UNHRC resolution

British Tamil Conservatives thank British PM on UNHRC resolution

British Tamil Conservatives thank British PM on UNHRC resolution

Dr Aru Sivananthan, Vice ChaIr, BTC

Dr Arujuna Sivananthan (Aru) , Vice ChaIr, BTC

29 Mar 2014

The British Tamil Conservatives (BTC) welcomes the UNHRC resolution calling for an Independent International Inquiry mandating the OHRHC to conduct a comprehensive investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity during Sri Lanka’s civil war.

This is the first step in giving voice to the innocents slaughtered in the tens of thousands in the most heinous atrocity of the twenty-first century.

Efforts to secure passage of the resolution were led by the unremitting efforts of Her Majesty’s Government involving the direct intervention from the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon David Cameron who spoke with several heads of government to secure their support; the Foreign Secretary, Rt. Hon William Hague, and, the minister with responsibility for Sri Lanka Rt. Hon Hugo Swire.

In doing so the Prime Minister kept his promise to the mothers and wives of the disappeared who acclaimed him as a god when he visited the historic Tamil capital city of Jaffna.

The BTC is thankful to the Prime Minister, everyone in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and, His Excellency John Rankin, the British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, who worked hard to garner sufficient support from voting members of the UNHRC. Also, it is important to recognize the very significant contribution made by many Conservative MPs, in debates, questions in parliament and hundreds of letters written to represent the concerns of their British Tamil constituents and drawing attention to the plight of Sri Lanka’s war victims.

The BTC was formed in 2008 at a time when few British MPs had little knowledge of the egregious human right violations in Sri Lanka. It also supports and encourages the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, which now has over hundred members, and continues to work hard to strengthen it.

The members of the BTC pledge to serve the interests of Tamil community and continue to build a strong relationship between the community and the Conservative Party.

BTC UNHRC Press Release

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