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Lee Scott, MP urges Home Minister to Stop Deportations

Lee Scott, MP urges Home Minister to Stop Deportations

29th MAY 2012


Following on from my recent meeting with the High Commissioner where we discussed deportations, missing and unaccounted for people I would like to ask you a question regarding a specific case which is currently very much in the public arena.

It is my understanding that Easwarathan Ketheeswaran was deported from the UK because it was felt that he would not be in any danger if he was returned to Sri Lanka. However it has been reported that tragically he has been found dead, a death which has not been explained and which allegedly is not receiving an acceptable investigation.

This is of great concern not only to many of my constituents, but to many of my colleagues who are very worried about Human Rights and security of life in Sri Lanka. I would ask you to inform me of the procedure regarding safety of those returning to Sri Lanka and how this can be assured.

I would therefore appreciate your looking into this as a matter of urgency and responding on your findings.

Best wishes

Lee Scott MP

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