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The British Tamil Conservatives was formed on 25 October 2008.There are over 250,000 Tamils living in the UK. The Tamil community being naturally conservative, with firm belief in tradition, family values and education wished to strengthen their relationship with the Conservative Party by forming an organisation that can support the party and be a bridge between the community and the conservatives.

Since its formation we have engaged with over 17 Conservative MP’s in Greater London and 9 Conservative MP’s outside greater London. Our main achievement has however been our engagement with the Conservative prospective parliamentary candidates. We believe that we will be able to assist in making a change in constituencies that have a large Tamil population and deliver our Prospective parliamentary candidates as MP’s in the next election. Although we were not able to win in Harrow West, we believe that the work BTC did contributed to the 5.9 swing that the Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate in Harrow West achieved in the May 2010 general election.

As Tamils our foremost thoughts will always be the suffering of our brothers and sisters back in Sri Lanka. This will always be a burden upon the Tamil Diaspora’s shoulders. The British Tamil conservatives are committed to bring awareness of the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka within the Conservative party and seek justice, peace and dignity for the Tamil community

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