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Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

1. NAME:

1.1 The entity shall be called the, ‘British Tamil Conservatives’ hereinafter to be called ‘BTC’.
1.2 BTC will be assumed to be an on-going entity.

2.1 To promote and encourage the British Tamil community & Tamil Businesses to participate in the Conservative Party activities in Britain.

2.2 To support, the incumbent MPs, MEPs , Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPC’s) and activists of the Conservative Party and facilitate their engagement and interaction with the Tamil constituents.

2.3 To increase the social and political profile of the Tamil community within the Conservative Party through promoting the social well-being and the collective cultural
identity of the Tamil community in Britain

2.4 To express the concerns and aspirations of the British Tamils to the Conservative Party and to the non-Tamil public in Britain.

2.5 To promote peace with justice and dignity for Tamil community in the island of Sri Lanka.

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